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Tailored edutainment

What do we do?

We are specialised in creating both educating and entertaining games for mobiles devices.
We help you reach a new audience, using the right mix of education and fun,
to deliver a compelling and entertaining experience.

It’s pure edutainment, and we enjoy it!

We work hand in hand with you all along the process to make sure
the final game accurately promotes your reality.

Educate about
your activity

Let people learn about
your activity and passion,
in an entertaining fashion.

your audience

Strengthen relationships with your community,
deliver value, and let them interact with your
brand in a very positive setting: playing..

your reach

As smartphones and tablets are becoming
the dominant media platform, while games
make up for 80% for all apps usage, reach new
audiences thanks to engaging content.

The studio

Our experience, your ideas

The recipe to achieve great results!

Clever Up Games is a game development studio based in Lyon, France.

It was founded by video game industry veterans, all attached to the idea that it is a compelling
experience for a player to acquire knowledge while playing a trully
entertaining and challenging game.

Contact us!

Feel free to reach out to us if you are looking for a studio to develop a great game showing
the world what your industry is about, and if you wish to educate the players thanks to
enjoyable gameplay mechanics.

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